Multifaceted Discipline

Dimensions: 3.5’ x 3’ x 2.5’

Medium: steel

Date: 2014


Thesis Statement: 

In this body of work, steel is the medium employed. Geometric formations are mathematically constructed for the wall and protrude out into the viewer’s space, inviting them to engage in a multi-faceted viewing experience. All of the steel rods, assembled in an additive manner, confer with each other to present the viewer with issues of balance. These rods are intentionally welded, allowing light to pass through the piece, casting shadows and furthering the viewer’s response. Strength is juxtaposed with frailty in the form of many small parts connecting and working as one to present a hollow allurement. Between negative spaces of shapes and shadows, the sculptural work provides an avenue for the viewer to escape his own negative thoughts.