Collaborative response from research scientist Josh Regalado: 

"Vasopressin binds with its receptor within the brain to regulate male social behaviors, such as pair bonding and paternal care. However, these functions are dependent upon the location of the vasopressin receptor. The interaction between vasopressin and its receptor provide the mechanism through which a troubled child can seek the care they require.


In Enuresis: Vasopressin, a molecule of vasopressin binds to its receptor, the waterproof fitted sheet. The child with enuresis, who slept with the sheet, thus provides the vasopressin receptor. This unique union between molecule and target gives the child the pair bonding and care it needs to preserve its self-esteem and treat the enuresis."


Enuresis: Vasopressin

Dimensions: 19" x 13" x 3" 

Medium: waterproof fitted sheet, wood glue, aluminum

Date: 2015

Primary Focus: Mixed-Media

Honors: Included in Gulf State Lumber Exhibition. 

Management options include treatment that is aimed to protect, preserve and improve self-esteem. Bed-wetting children and adults suffer emotional stress and psychological injury from shame. Pressure, shaming and punishment prove ineffective and cause further damage for a condition out of one’s control. Harm’s relationships with friends and family. 0.5%-2.3% of adults suffer bed-wetting.